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  • ((everybody assuming i do not want a family because of past conversations in which i explained i do not want to ever be pregnant.))
  • me: the fact that i don't want to ever be pregnant and give birth, does not mean that i do not want children. i do want a big family. i would love to become a parent one day.
  • everybody: .............?!?...????...............?hOW do ThAT?
  • me: i'd like to adopt
  • everybody: NoOOoooO.
  • everybody: BUT the bond with YOUR child.. so much stronger! amazing.. and holy.
  • everybody: BUT what if you get pregnant by accident???
  • everybody: aBORTION??!! NOOO
  • everybody: BUT pregnancy it's so BEAUTIFUL. and, LIFE! YOU giving life!
  • everybody: BUT don't you want a child that looks like you and your partner??
  • everybody: BUT what about continuing the bloodline. family!
  • everybody: BUT THAT'S WHAT WE EXIST FOR.
  • everybody: BUT adopting costs so much
  • everybody: BUT adopting takes so long
  • everybody: BUT adopting is so much wORK!
  • everybody: BUT what if they give you a child/baby with problems.. god knows what type of parents he/she/IT has/had. you might get a psychopath.
  • everybody: BUT what if the parents will want their child back later on?
  • everybody: BUT you'll eventually have to explain to that child that he/she is adopted
  • everybody: BUT what if he/she will hate you and will want to be with his/her biological parents
  • family: BUT WHAT IF YOUR PARTNER WILL WANT TO HAVE A BABY ???! YOU MUST ADAPT!!! YOU CAN'T BE SELFISH LIKE THAT!!! IT'S NOT ONLY YOURRR CHOICE! YOU CAN'T LEAVE YOUR PARTNER FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!! you can't be so picky when you're weird like this! if you're not "normal" like everybody else, you must at least be more accepting and try to adapt to how things work in this world! KEEP YOUR WEIRDNESS TO YOURSELF! CAUSE PEOPLE WON'T ACCEPT YOU!
  • Me: I have given this topic a lot of thought for many years. I look forward to being a parent but pregnancy isn't for me, and I do really want to adopt. Instead of giving life, I want to offer a better life to kids who need it. aND i'll make sure i'll be with a partner who's wishes match mine.
  • everybody: ......okay, well you're still young. you have time to think about it. you'll change your mind. you'll see. I thought the same thing at your age and now my children are everything to me. can't imagine my life without them.
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    boys unbuckling their belts is the hottest thing in the world tbh

    i read this as “seat belts” and i was like “no stay safe”

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    I think strength is seeing no change and not giving up

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